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Top 5 Free Antivirus Programs

1-Microsoft Security Essentials 2013

Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 Free

     2-Avast Free antivirus 2013

Avast Free antivirus Latest 2012

     3-Avira Free Antivirus

Avira AntiVir Personal Free Antivirus 2013

     4-PC Tools iAntivirus

 Free version of PC Tools iAntivirus 2013 

     5-Comodo Free Antivirus Download 2013

 Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free version 2013 

How to choose the best antivirus program?

All antivirus programs come with different features and things they can do. This makes choosing the best antivirus program a daunting task. There are, however, certain steps to make the process a little easier and more streamlined. It takes a lot of research and time, but when the antivirus program of your choosing finally protects your computer, it will all have been worth it.

Not everyone budgets big bucks for security; fortunately there's a thriving industry of free antivirus programs. The best free solutions don't measure up to the best for-pay solutions, but AVG Anti-Virus FREE 2013 comes close. This product, our Editors' Choice for free antivirus, beats out many commercial products both in PCMag's tests and in independent lab tests.

One particular type of free antivirus can save your bacon when entrenched malware prevents installation of your store-bought solution. Free cleanup-only tools don't stay in memory to protect against malware attack, and they're often utilitarian in appearance. They focus solely on getting rid of active malware. In our testing, Comodo Cleaning Essentials was the most effective of these, earning it Editors' Choice for this category.

Big business doesn't expect employees to manage antivirus updates; it's all managed by the IT department. In 2012 we saw the first serious managed antivirus aimed at consumers, Daily Safety Check Home Edition. Not only is it a true set-and-forget solution, it earned good marks both in our malware removal and malware cleanup tests. Daily Safety Check is our Editors' Choice in this new category of consumer-side managed antivirus.

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